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Magnetizing Aircraft

Automatic commutation rotor Winder


Model: SHL-5


Suitable for motorcycle starter motors, car heaters, electric tool motors, micro-motors and other hooked commutator rotor winding. Japanese Panasonic Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to control the stepper commutation (indexing) system, the winding parameters Siemens TD-200 Chinese display, Japanese public downconverter fork winding stepless speed, uniform acceleration and deceleration, adjustable winding tension ensures balance jig automatic switching, automatic reversing (indexing), from the stop brakes, easy operation, high degree of automation, is the ideal equipment for micro-motor production lines.

Technical parameters:

Input voltage: 220VAC ± 10% 50HZ / 60HZ

Rotor diameter: ≤ ¢ (willbe) 98mm

Input Power: 750w

Winding speed: 0-1400r / min

Working pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa

Winding diameter: ¢ 0.20- ¢ 1.2mm

Rotor shaft diameter: ¢ 3- ¢ 16mm

Body size: 1100 × 600 × 1200mm

Work process:

Rotor into the chuck (adjust center) → clamp together (adjust tightness) → collet clamping thread → → → from the stop on the sheath brake → jig automatic switching → automatic indexing → → hanging out of the jacket on the line → Sheath → start winding → cycle to complete