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Magnetizing Aircraft

Double-stator winding machine


Model: SHL-4


Suitable for vacuum cleaner motors, power tools motor, household appliances motor stator windings, etc., using square body eccentric mechanism causes the winding head and swinging motion in a straight line, double winding head synchronous winding, high efficiency, Panasonic Inverter stepless speed, even plus deceleration, easy operation, high degree of automation, is the ideal equipment for the production of micro-motor.

Technical parameters:

Input voltage: 220V ± 10% 50HZ

Motor power: 1.1kw960r / min

Air pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa

Winding speed: 0-400r / min

Winding diameter: ¢ 0.12- ¢ 1.0mm

The stator outer diameter: ¢ 50- ¢ 100mm

The stator inner diameter:> ¢ 25m-m

Stator stack thickness: ≤60mm

Body size: 700 × 1300 × 1400mm

Work process:

Hand Die clamping cylinder → → → start winding from the stop brake cylinder release → → out