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Magnetizing Aircraft

Automatic embedding double-headed rotor Winder


Model: SHL-III

Suitable for series motor, electric tools winding rotor winding groove commutator. The whole machine adopts Mitsubishi FX2 programmable logic controller (PLC) control. Mitsubishi MR-J3s-axis AC servo system. Man-machine interface using Mitsubishi large-screen color LCD touch screen. The number of slots available, the number of turns, angles and other parameters embedded real-time changes. Mitsubishi magnetic powder tension, which can be set up routing, embedded line, standby and other paragraphs of tension, with automatic slots, winding, embedded line, trimming once completed, the machine automatically high level, is the ideal equipment micro-motor production line .

Technical parameters:

Input voltage: 380VAC ± 10% 50HZ / 60HZ

Rotor slots: Dual slots

Working pressure: 0.4-0.7Mpapa

Winding speed: 0-2500r / min

Rotor shaft diameter: ¢ 3- ¢ 16mm

Winding diameter: ¢ 0.25- ¢ 1mm

Outer rotor diameter: ≤ ¢ 60mm

Body size: 1420 × 1210 × 1700mm

Rotor stack thickness: 20-70mm

Work process:

Automatic rotor into the first tank → → Winding → Indexing → welt → trimming → one time.