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Magnetizing Aircraft

Automatic double-headed Winder


Model: SHL-II

It applies to motor starter motors, car heaters, pump motors, power tools and other micro-motor rotor winding motor winding. The machine adopts Japanese triangular MR-J3s AC servo system. Man-machine interface using Tri-Japanese large-screen color LCD touch screen. The number of slots available, the number of turns, hook angle and other parameters in real-time changes. Using triangular magnetic tension, which can be set up routing, hook, indexing, standby and other four tension and pressure line with a first hook means to avoid decoupling, high degree of automation machine, is ideal for micro-motor production line .

Technical parameters:

Input voltage: 380VAC ± 10% 50HZ / 60HZ

Winding speed: 0-2500r / min

Working pressure: 0.4-0.7Mpa

Winding diameter: ¢ 0.20- ¢ 1mm

Rotor shaft diameter: ¢ 3- ¢ 16mm

Body size: 1420X1210X1700

Work process:

Automatic rotor into the first tank → → Winding → Indexing → trimming → flash of completion.